Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tuesday 5th January 2016

A Happy New Year to everyone.
The first meeting of the year was successful, as usual; those who did the beading workshops with Margaret and her friend Jackie really enjoyed what they did, and it was good to be able to complete a piece in so short a time. Many thanks to you both, and to Sarah for organising the day. We hope to have a repeat for other members of the group in next month's meeting.

Some pieces for the collaborative project based on Capability Brown and Gardens are starting to appear, and are very encouraging; we look forward to lots more very soon. This is looking very promising.

We had two visitors today who may be interested in joining the branch; it's always good to welcome new faces. We are a very friendly group, and new members seem to slot in seamlessly. We always seem to have a lot of things going on and everyone is willing to share their ideas and expertise, which makes for a lovely atmosphere.

The Travelling Books are looking good - we have some very talented people putting pieces in these, even those who admit to not having done much stitch before joining us - they are proving to be most interesting.

A group of volunteers from the Grantham area will help Christine and myself to take down the exhibition in Grantham Museum on Monday 18th January, and if anyone wants to come in to take away their own things, please let Christine know (; we start at 10.00am on that day.The exhibition has been very successful, and many thanks to Christine for organising it.

The Museum is having a 'Do Something New' day on Sunday 24th January, and we have paid for a stall for this day to 'show and tell' what we do as part of the Embroiderers' Guild. It's from 10.30 to 14.30, and several people have already volunteered to come and help for an hour or so; if you are local and able to pop in during those times to engage with the public, we would be most grateful. Bring your own stitching to demonstrate the sorts of things we do.

Today, I was reminded of the first meeting we had a year ago at the Tennis Club, after the demise of Stitchcraft; I think everyone who was a member of our EG turned up, and there was hardly room to move. It was wonderful that they all showed solidarity with our branch, but we could not have continued to support so many at any one time. We number between 25 and 30 members per meeting now, and we fit in well to the space we have.

I look forward to more of the same next month, beading and social stitching, and do bring along your CB/Stately Gardens pieces to show and tell, as well as the travelling books.
Many thanks to those who help to organise the meetings, and make EG on the first Tuesday in the month such a pleasant place to be.