Capability Brown - Stately Gardens

Belton House Exhibition 2016 - Ended 1st September 2016 

Pieces from Boston, Grantham and Rutland and Stamford Branches, in the order they were displayed.

Sarah Edwards - Breakfast in Bed

Jennifer Gannon - The Sculpture Garden

Jenny Fay - Jewel of the Pond

Sandi McMillan-Bunn - Tulip Tree

Sandra Saxby - Rosebud

Rosemary Deag - Burghley Landscape

Sue Cork - Spring Blossom

Jennifer Gannon - The Knot Garden
Barbara Dobson - A Formal Garden
Chriss Smith - An A-Maze-ing Sewing Box
Rosalind Griffin - Knot Garden

Jane Ostler - May Landscape

Jane Ostler - April Landscape

Barbara Dobson - English Oak

Anita Wardlaw - Topiary

Rosemary Yates - English Landscape

Mary Thomas - Impressions of Burghley New Year's Day

Vicki Honeywood - Garden Fragments

Sue Cork - Along the Path

Sue Cork - Seasons in the Garden

Judy Carrott - Pastoral Scene

Heather Wright - Specimen Drawer

Heather Wright - Silver Birches Autumn

Victoria Clay - Lemon Tree

Sue Pearson - "Perfecting of a Good Plan"

Rita Smith - Acorns

Steph Brookes - Ground Plan From Capability Brown 

Ruth Hollings - Horse Chestnut Leaf

Maureen Brown - Gingko

Sue Cork - Autumn Arrangement

Janet Corcoran - Physalis

Carl Wright - Rising From the Ashes 1 & 2

Dotti Short - Autumn Landscape

Sarah Donnelly - A Glimpse of Capability

Brenda Howard - Autumn Debris

Sarah Donnelly - Herbaceous Border

Annette - Cook - Sunflower

Michelle Mahoney - The Bluebell Glade

Paula Tunnard - Patio Pot

Linda Fowler - Sheffield Park

Kate Pike - Poppy Seed Head

Lorraine Appleton - 4 Landscape Mini Quilts - The Beech, The Meadow, The Tree, The Field 

Lorraine Appleton - The Tree

Grantham Guild Group Piece.

Finished, Mr C.B.'s Garden Tree, as displayed in Melton Mowbray, 5th April 2016. 

Finished items and work in progress. 

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

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