Wednesday, 28 December 2016

January 2017 Meeting

Tuesday, 3rd, January, 10am, at Grantham Tennis Club.   
Project Linus UK. 
We will have a speaker on this very interesting subject 
 "Project Linus UK is a volunteer organisation. We aim to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets, and give volunteers across the UK the opportunity to contribute to their local community."

 Lunches available at the Tennis Club Cafe, (please order when you arrive)    

Requirements list.
 Something to do in the afternoon.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sad News

Cynthia Dower

We have received the following message from Robyn, Cynthia's daughter today.  

"I'm afraid I have to let you know that mum passed away last night. She had been deteriorating for a while, and had been in a hospice in Spalding where she was being kept very comfortable. I was with her right up until the end and she seemed very peaceful."

Cynthia was an original member of the LOS EGG Committee and instrumental in setting up the Blog, and publishing so many of the photographs of our early days. We will let members know the funeral arrangements later.

Friday, 11 November 2016

December Meeting
Layers of Stitch, Embroiderers Guild Grantham

Tuesday, 6th December, 10am, at Grantham Tennis Club.   

We will be enjoying a Social Stitch Day, just bring something to do, chat, drink tea and coffee and sew.
There will be normal lunches available at the Tennis Club Cafe, (please order when you arrive) as well as Christmas Lunches for those who have already booked them. Or bring a packed lunch.
Requirements list.
 Something to do!!! 

Bauble Swap 
  We will be having another swap of Christmas Baubles, for those who wish to join in, either hand made or purchased to the maximum value of £5.
Please wrap your bauble.

Do not forget your Travelling Books to swap - just so you have something to do over Christmas!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

November Meeting

Tuesday, 1st November, 10am, at Grantham Tennis Club.   

We will be making small Christmas Decorations, in three mini workshops. You may have time to do all three, or choose one or two. 

1. Fabric Xmas Trees - Annette Cooke (beads to decorate useful)
2. Felt Rudolf's - Marian Jackson (felt and some threads supplied)
3. Suffolk Puff Xmas Trees - Sue Cork (pre-cut circles supplied)

Requirements list.
Sewing kit,  strong sewing thread,  sharp fabric  scissors  medium size would be good and pen or pencil, for drawing on fabric.    

Plus, only if possible - small beads, threads and fabric in Christmassy colours.

Otherwise, you are welcome to  bring your own sewing to do.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Photos from Landscape and Gardens Exhibition 
at Belton House 2016
A CD, of photograph's taken by Pete Murray of  P M Images, is now available to purchase for £2.50 printed to order - contact Kate Pike, email

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Message from Kate Pike

What a lovely day we had with Art Van Go last meeting following the AGM; with her monoprinting, Angelina fibres, and other goodies, Viv Arthur had us all absorbed, and could have gone on much longer. I hope you have all done some experimenting since then!

The next meeting, 4th October, will be organised by Jane Ostler and Vicki Honeywood, and involve working with Sketchbooks.

Jane writes:

'This introduction into sketch books explores reasons for keeping them, types, and many of the techniques which can be used.
There will be an opportunity to make a start using only a biro.
This will then be developed into a second project using collage techniques, followed by a discussion which relates all of this to embroidery.
All materials will be provided, including sketchbooks.'

If you don't wish to take part - but I hope everyone will, as this is an exciting way of collating thoughts, ideas, and even photographs - then do bring your own work and socialise. If time, in the afternoon, Sue and Annette will continue with stitches and stitched books for those who wish to take part in those.

The latest Capability Brown exhibition is up in Grantham Museum, and looking good - our group 'tree' is having its third outing - and there are pieces from different branches there, too, and well worth a visit. We had just under 4,000 visitors to the Belton exhibition.

Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk - this is closed at the moment due to collapsed wall, and the CB exhibition which was to be there will now be at the Green Britain Centre, Turbine Way, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7HT from the week beginning 24th October.

Christine  has leaked the information that the Game of Thrones Embroidery, which was completed earlier in the year, and is on tour, will be coming to Grantham Museum before the end of the year - quite a coup for Grantham!

And, finally, Boston branch of the Guild are taking a coach to Threads and Patches, which some of you may know, in Milton Keynes, on 29th October, and have seats available if anyone is interested in going.
This is a shop for embroiderers and patchworkers, and also does workshops. It's a two hour journey, and our nearest point of embarkation will be Spalding Bus Station, leaving at 08.45. (It leaves Boston Bus Station at 08.15 and Kirton Town Hall at 08.30) It should arrive at 10.30, and there is coffee and cake on arrival, and lunch is provided. There will also be a mini-workshop involved. Not to mention shopping, of course!
Cost for the day is £12, including all of the above (except shopping!) + the cost of the coach, which will vary from £13 to £19, depending on the numbers going.
If you are interested, let me know, or email Chriss Smith in Boston -

Looking forward to the next meeting - don't forget 'show and tell' and your Travelling Books.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

A.G.M. 2016 Report

Vycombe Arts, site logo.

We had our second Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, which we crammed in before Viv Arthur, from Art Van Go, gave us the longest demo we had ever seen! So many products to explain and show, that she had to come back after lunch to talk about more, and did not get a chance to finish before we had to pack up! Lots of members then had a little spending spree at the Van parked outside.

Kate Pike was re-elected as Chairperson, Jenny Fay was also re-elected as Treasurer. Sue Cork was elected as Secretary, replacing Vicki Honeywood. The full minutes have been sent to members.

The Blog has been updated. The "Travelling Books" photos are an impressive record of the amount of varied work being produced by the members. There are still extra books, so if you are not yet in the scheme why not join at the October meeting?

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, Oct 4th          Sketch (Inspiration) Books with Vicki Honeywood and Jane Ostler.

Monday, 29 August 2016

We are now in the final week of our collaborative Embroiderers' Guild exhibition in the stables at Belton House. The six weeks seem to have gone incredibly fast, and by the number of visitors we have recorded, and their comments in the visitor's book, we have been very successful. People have been fascinated by the Travelling Books, and our 'tree', as well as the variety of work we have on show.
Once again, I want to send huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project in any way; the stewarding has been a mammoth undertaking, but we have managed to have someone there every day of the six weeks, which is a great success in itself, and to talk to people interested in our pieces, and hear their comments, has been a joy, and we are grateful to those who have taken the time to be there, sometimes several times.

It all has to come down at the end of this week, sadly, but many of the pieces will be going on to the Grantham Museum next week, opening on Thursday 8th September at 10.00 am, if you are able to be there, so there will be opportunities to see them again, along with some from other branches, until after Christmas.

Our National Day of Stitch was again a success at Belton, with those who were outside the Orangery, in the sun, attracting a lot of attention. Those of us who were in St Wulfram's Church in the town were not so well supported, but we are invited to go again on the Saturday of Heritage Open Days weekend, 10th September, when there will be quite a few visitors to the chained library in the crypt and other attractions there.
To those unfamiliar with Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, this happens around the middle of September every year, to highlight things of historical interest around the county, and there is a good deal of information on their website, including a map of the happenings over the weekend.
So, if you are not all exhausted at the thought of more stewarding, we shall be looking for a few volunteers to sit and stitch in the church on that day - there is no parking, incidentally - and we would not ask for more than one or two hours at a time. Another opportunity to engage with the public and spread the word about the work of the Embroiderers' Guild, and if you wish, to see St Wulfram's Chained Library.

The branch AGM in on Tuesday 6th September at 10.00 am at the Tennis Club as usual - this will be very quick, as we also have Art Van Go visiting with their goodies for artists and embroiderers, to demonstrate some of their most popular items and, of course, to sell you some, so come prepared. You can see their catalogue on their website to give an idea of the items available.
In the afternoon, Sue and Annette will be continuing with their stitches/stitched books for those who wish to take part, or bring your own stitching and socialise.

As we have only four members' names for the Goldwork workshop planned for 23rd September, Kay and I have decided that this is not really viable at the present time, but we will do it as a mini-workshop in an ordinary meeting sometime in the future. I do apologise to those who did put their names on the list, but we shall make sure that you do not miss out.

The Textile Study Group have their 2017 Summer School at Stoke Rochford, south of Grantham, next July, and if anyone is keen to go to this, details will be on their website from 1st September. 

There is news about the ongoing Kickstart competition workshops for the East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers' Guild on the EMREG website, involving Leek Embroidery - do take a look to see what is involved.

Don't forget your travelling books and any items for 'show and tell', and these need not just be embroideries, but any other items you may have made in the past that might be of interest .
We look forward to seeing members on Tuesday 6th for the AGM.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Notification of the Annual General Meeting

Notification of the Annual General Meeting of
Layers of Stitch Embroiderers’Guild Grantham
to be held on Tuesday 6th  September 2016 at 10.00am at Grantham Tennis Club

Minutes of AGM 01.09.2015
Chairman’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Programme Secretary’s Report
Election of Committee
Any Other Business
Date and time of next meeting.

  If you have any questions, please present them to the Secretary, Vicki Honeywood, or email them to her prior to the meeting

Chairman’s report to AGM Layers of Stitch Embroiderers’ Guild Grantham September 6th 2016

Another busy year for Layers of Stitch, and still in the light, bright environment of Grantham Tennis Club. We continue to enjoy their cafe in the main Tennis Club building, no longer run by Mencap, but still producing enjoyable lunches and cake!

After last year’s AGM, we had an excellent talk by Jeanette Jackson, who brought some of her lovely textile pieces to show us; and later in November, we enjoyed a workshop, Sculpting with Silk Paper, with Linda Rudkin, a sticky experience, but the end produce was very interesting.

At the end of November, we contributed to the St Wulfram’s (Grantham Parish Church) Christmas Tree Festival, where there was also a skating rink, which attracted a large number of people. Our tree was dressed with a variety of hand-made decorations, produced by a lot of our members, and was one of 106 trees in the church.

Instead of the usual raffle in our December meeting, Jenny suggested a ‘Bauble Swap’, which proved to be very popular, so we plan to do it again this year.

We have again just been involved in the National Celebration Day of Stitch in early August, which was very successful at Belton House, both in the Stables and in front of the Orangery, where the sun was just as hot as last year. We also tried it in St Wulfram’s Church in the town this year, but although a lovely, light environment to be in, we did not attract many stitchers.

Our exhibition, ‘Landscapes and Gardens at Belton House’, helping to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of landscape gardener Capability Brown, has been a huge success and has attracted many interested people. Having been in planning since the new year, and nearly faltered when we realised that we had to ‘build our own set’ on which to exhibit, we met the challenge and have been very pleased with the result.

In my group emails and on the blog, I have thanked the people who had so much involvement in this project, and who helped to make it all possible, and would like to thank them all again, as several have had involvement above and beyond the call of duty, and I have been amazed by the level of positive support, which brought the exhibition to fruition.

A lot of the work shown at Belton now goes to Grantham Museum, where at this time last year we were putting up our very first exhibition as a branch.
What a lot we have achieved in a year!

Added to that, despite one or two hiccups, we have had some lovely workshops during the year, mainly in-house, but extra ones as well as on normal working days, again demonstrating the levels of skill and expertise we have in our group, not to mention variety.
We have also enjoyed a talk from Suella Postles, entitled New from Old: Making Eco Garments. We enjoyed a Casalguidi workshop with Brenda Scarman, and a wonderful talk on Indian textiles from Mary Sleigh, both of whom have become annual ‘fixtures’ in our calendar, and are always very welcome.

If members have any ideas about what workshops or speakers they would like in the future, please let us know – we are always looking out for new ideas for you.

Plans for next year will hopefully include a stall at the Lincolnshire Show in June, and once we have more details, we shall use the February meeting workshops to start making small items to sell towards raising money for this venture, which should include all of the Lincolnshire branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

We are also hoping to have access to Belton’s Textile Archive, which can be found on their website, and which may be the inspiration for another exhibition in the future.

The Travelling Books continue to be an enjoyable part of our monthly ‘doings’ and some members are on the way to starting a second book because theirs is full! The books have attracted great interest at Belton, and children as well as adults have been intrigued with the variety of designs and techniques in them.

The collaborative ‘tree’ has also attracted interest, with at least one teacher thinking something similar could be done with primary school pupils. As the ‘tree’ was our starting point for the Capability Brown exhibitions, I feel that we have come a long way since we started it almost a year ago, so congratulations for another year of growing self-confidence in ability for some, and achievement for all.

Do keep telling us what you need.

Treasurers Report Layers of Stitch
September 2015 – August 31st 2016
Layers of Stitch Embroideries Guild Grantham have had a very successful and steady financial year .
Income has been steady , we have monies received from several sources regular attendance from members and visitors to our meetings .And also extra workshops which the group have available to members of the Embroideres Guild .We also receive money from our monthly raffle and sales table and donations for refreshments .
Our expenditure throughout the year is from the hire of the hall for regular meetings and extra workshops, cost of refreshments, costs from lectures and committee members costs i.e materials used in group meetings .Also the cost of our recent exhibition at Belton which is and has been very successful .
Our income to date for the year {unrestricted} is £2,784.150
And our expenditure is £2,526.00. [unrestricted] for the above year .
Our bank balance at the time of this report is £1,489.57.

Monday, 8 August 2016

National Day of Stitch

A few photos from outside the Orangery at Belton House on Saturday 6th August. We had some lovely people stop to chat, and add a few stitches.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The time is going so quickly, we're almost into another month again - and what an interesting month it has been, politics and weather, as well as all the things we have been doing!

Firstly, my grateful thanks to the two Kay(e)s who did our lovely workshops for us at the June meeting - Kaye Mundy, who brought her beautiful quilts, and showed us a clever way of doing applique; and Kay Carne, who taught us the intricacies of silk shading. Everyone seemed absorbed in what was happening, and there was a lovely, warm atmosphere, together with stitches and stitched books with Sue and Annette.

Since then, we have had another workshop day with Margaret Beattie and Annette Cooke on free machine embroidery - another lovely day, well-supported, and everyone seemed to enjoy getting to grips with this technique. Many thanks to both for a well-prepared system and a relaxed way of doing things.

We are so fortunate in the branch to have so many people who are willing to share their skills and expertise.

Next Tuesday 5th July, Sue Cork will be doing Flower Pounding with anyone who wishes to try this technique - some have already had a 'bash', and the results are very interesting. Just remember to bring some strong-coloured flowers from your garden, and you have had any other requirements in a list from Sue already on email. 

Jane Ostler will be working with us on colour; the colour wheel and its influences on how we see things and how we decide on using colour in our embroidery and art.
You will need your basic sewing kit, and possibly threads of choice, although we do have large stash of threads in the group now, and, if you have coloured pencils, these would be useful, too.
Fabric will be provided, and there will be new sketch books if you wish to buy one to use.

On the next Tuesday,12th July, we have Brenda Scarman's Casalguidi workshop, organised by Sarah.

Plans for the Belton exhibition are gathering pace, and it's all beginning to look very exciting; please remember to bring your pieces for the exhibition to the meeting - if you are having problems with mirror/glass plates, we can do that for you. Do make sure that they are adequately packaged and well named - we do not want anything falling out of its bag or box and going astray.
We also now have an entry form for Grantham Museum in September - I will send those out shortly, as Pam Keeling would like them in by August 1st, and she requires a photograph of your piece with the entry form. Don't worry if you cannot get that done before you bring in your pieces next week - we can always do it when they are displayed at Belton, as long as we know!

We still need a few more stewards for Belton, so please see Sue at some point on Tuesday if you can volunteer for another session.

Looking forward to another productive meeting next week.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Despite my best efforts, we have not been able to find a substitute speaker for next Tuesday's meeting, so again we are dependent on members sharing their skills with us; grateful thanks to those who did so at the last meeting, Jean, Margaret, and Sue and Annette - what would we do without them all?

Some of them are coming to the rescue again - Sue and Annette will be continuing with stitches and stitched books; it is good to have this continuity, and hopefully, those relatively new to embroidery are gaining a lot from this.

Kaye Mundy has kindly offered to bring a selection of her quilts to show us, and will share with us her technique for turned-edge applique; if you have cotton fabric you would like to use, please bring it along with your usual sewing requirements. There will be freezer paper supplied for this.

Kay Carne (and I) will demonstrate simple 'silk shading'. Kay has several lovely books on the subject, which are an inspiration for trying this technique. We have fabric and threads, but you will need an embroidery hoop not larger than 10 inches diameter, and the usual sewing requirements; also stranded cottons, if you have them, preferably in three shades of the same colour. Not essential, but bring them if you have them.

I will also bring the requisites for paper collage, which might inspire some of you into more abstract work. (Magazines and/or handmade papers would be useful, plus a Pritt stick.)

There are still places on the Brenda Scarman 'Casalguidi' workshop on Tuesday 12th July; do see Sarah Edwards or me for detail and requirements. Payment will be required on Tuesday.
I think the Free Machine Embroidery workshop on Friday 24th June is full, but do check with Margaret and Annette.

In the July meeting, Jane Ostler will be working on Colour and the Colour Wheel with us, and Sue Cork will be doing Flower Pounding - I hope that both will outline at next week's meeting what this all entails.

Plans for the Belton exhibition are coming along; this will run for 6 weeks from Thursday 21st July to Thursday 1st September, and we still need lots of volunteers to steward if it is to be open every day during that period, as we would hope. Please see Sue cork if your name is not already on her list!
Boston and Stamford branches are also involved and will help with stewarding, particularly on 2nd August when we have Mary Sleigh's talk 'Jewels of India', and on 6th August, which is National Day of Stitch, when we have 2 placements at Belton, and also one at St. Wulfram's Church in Grantham,- fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day as last year. 

Set up at Belton will be 18th, 19th, 20th July, and during the week before this, there will be boards to paint ready to hang our pieces on.
Registration forms are available for your submissions to this exhibition, which are required by 
the hanging team and by Chriss Smith of Boston who is kindly making all the labels - by 21st June, please.

Dianne Marriott has set up a Facebook account for the branch, assisted by Annette, and hopefully this will be explained at Tuesday's meeting.

Annette is also requesting donations of Raffle Prizes - do keep them coming, as the raffle does help to boost our funds. 

Many thanks to all who put in so much time and effort on behalf of the branch; I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

As I'm rather late writing this blog, I'll start with next Tuesdy's meeting, and then outline what has been happening since the last one!

Tuesday 3rd May will be mini-workshops, but those who just wish to bring their own stitching and socialise, that's fine - we look forward to seeing you.

We have a beading update with Margaret, for those who have not done beading with her previously, to make earrings and/or pendant. There will be a small charge for materials.

Jean will be doing 'backgrounds for stitch', and will bring all that is needed, but again, there may be a small charge.

Annette and Sue will making stitched books, and although there will be some fabric and pelmet vilene available, and a variety of threads also, you may prefer to bring your own. 

Here is a list of requirements:

firm pelmet vilene X 1 metre  
pretty cord or ribbon X 2 metres for holding in pages and wrapping around the book
even-weave fabric, fat or long quarter
strong sewing thread to match fabric
tacking thread
sharp needles of different sizes
ruler and pencil
Frixion pen
small piece of embroidery to sew onto front cover - this is optional, or could be done later.
Eyelets (Annette will provide)
Calico, 1/2 metre or 2 fat or long quarters
sharp material scissors
Pritt stick

Annette also has some recycled material for a slightly different book, if that is what you would like.
Don't panic if some of these things are not available to you, as some can be shared, or taken out of 'stash'. The Range is not far away, if we run out!

You will have seen the photos on the blog, thanks to Marian and Sue, of the 'tree' in the Melton Carnegie museum - it's looking good, and I hope more of you will have seen the exhibition there.
Plans for exhibiting at Belton are under way, and the Boston ladies will have 17 pieces to put on display, so I hope Layers of Stitch will have one or two more besides our group piece.

You will hopefully have seen the revised programme on the blog, again many thanks to Sue Cork for this, and I can now confirm that Project Linus will be coming to talk to us in January 2017

The proposed speaker for the June meeting has moved to Hampshire, and is unable to come; she has given us some ideas about someone to fill her place, but we are awaiting a response.

Jenny, our lovely Treasurer, was to have a knee replacement last week - I hope this went ahead, and we wish her all the very best. News of that on Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing you all after the Bank Holiday.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Capability Brown - Stately Gardens

As you may know "Mr C.B.'s Garden Tree" our joint project is now on display at the 'Landscapes and Gardens' exhibition in the Melton Mowbray Carnegie Museum.

Many thanks go to Kate Pike and Marion Jackson, who put in so much work, finishing our leaf triangles and setting it up. Marion has supplied a few photos which can be seen in the Blog along with many of the finished Triangles.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Our next meeting is Tuesday 5th April 2016, when we are looking forward to a talk from Mary Sleigh on 'Jewels of India'; Mary is widely travelled, and this promises to be one of her little gems.

Please come prepared for more stitches in the afternoon, and Annette will give some more ideas about her stitched books.

Regional Day will soon be here, and those of you who did the 'Kickstart' workshops last Autumn are now hopefully putting together your entries for this programme, which will be shown later in the summer.
We have Raffle Tickets to sell for Regional Day. 
Vicki will need to have names (and money!) if you wish to go on the coach she is organising from the Stamford and Rutland branch, as last year.
Plus, there is another request for using embroidery frames, which Vicki asked about on the blog at the end of March. Lots to think about.

The completed pieces for the Capability Brown 'Tree' are looking magnificent, and the 'Landscapes and Gardens' exhibition in the Melton Mowbray Carnegie Museum where the tree will be displayed will be going up on Tuesday whilst we are in our meeting; I'm so grateful to all of you who embroidered triangles  for this - some managed more than one; they are all so very good, and it makes an interesting group project.
I hope, too, that some of you will consider further pieces - perhaps based on the ideas you had for your triangles? - which we can display later in the summer at Belton and later in the year at Grantham Museum.

We still have not finalised further future workshops, but hope to do so in our committee meeting later; looking ahead, we do have a speaker for the 2017 AGM, which will be confirmed shortly.

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Regional Day

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all having a good Easter despite the mixed weather.
This is a reminder that Regional day is Sunday 15th May.
I will create a list at the next meeting of those who would like 
a ticket. They are £12.50. You can also let me know by email if you 
would like one.
Rutland and Stamford branch have a coach going again this year and 
are offering a place to those who would to join the bus for £5 each. 

There will be a fundraising stall. "Instead of a book for the
Regional Stall this year, we would like you to use your imagination 
and ingenuity, up-cycle any unwanted Embroidery Hoops for us to sell.
Google: ‘Interesting things to do with Embroidery Hoops’ for a range 
of websites with many, many suggestions such as:
Pin Cushions, Lampshades, Cork Board, Ear Ring Holder, Photo
Mobile, Photo Frame, Holder for Sewing Threads and Sewing Tools,
and many others.
Items to be taken to Regional Day, 15th May, 2016 The donated items 
will be sold at £5.00 each. any queries to: 
It would be great if you 
could make something for it."

I am willing to take any offerings if you cannot make the day.
Details can be found on EMREG website about the day.
See you at the next meeting,
with best wishes

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Next Meeting - 1st March

Just a reminder of Tuesday's meeting; in the morning, we shall have a talk - 'New from Old, Making Eco Garments' - by Suella Postles from West Bridgford branch of the EG.

In the afternoon, we hope to continue with learning new stitches, and the stitched books, which some members started way back when we were at Stitchcraft! I shall have some fabric with me, as well as our stash of threads, and Tina will also bring the fabrics that she has kindly been storing for us. Annette and Sue have some handouts for these, too, and I have copies of some that Tina put out a while ago.

We have a number of workshops lined up, and as soon as we have verified some dates, we shall let you have a new timetable.
Margaret Beattie, who did such lovely beading workshops during the first two meetings of the year, will be asking what members would like to do in the way of Free Machine Embroidery work, so that a workshop on those lines can be planned, with help from Annette.

I hope that we shall see more triangles for the 'Landscapes and Gardens' project, and Marian is bringing the 'tree', so that we can try out a few hangings; we hope to complete this in the next few weeks in order to be able to take it to the Melton Mowbray Carnegie Museum for the first showing of the local exhibitions on this subject! That display, which includes several more of the East Midlands Region branches, runs from 5th April to 25th June. I have copies of the entry form for this exhibition, so if anyone feels that they could do an individual piece for Melton, the form lists the hanging criteria also. More information on that at the meeting.

We are still working on how we exhibit in the Stables at Belton House, but Boston branch are keen to join us, and I think we may have Stamford branch on board, as well. This exhibition will be during July and August, so our group piece will be on display there, and then we shall take it to Grantham Museum in September for the rest of the year. More information about Belton later, but the timing does include the National Celebration of Stitch Day, which is on August 6th.

Vicki is again organising a coach from Stamford to the Regional meeting in West Bridgford on Sunday 15th May, so please let us know if you are interested in going; hopefully, we might again have some entries for the regional competition 'All Creatures Great and Small', and perhaps also for Kickstart, the title being 'Windows on the Weather' - some of you may have done workshops as a starter for this in the Autumn of last year.
A lot of information here, and lots to think about.

Do bring any donations of raffle prizes you may have tucked away - textile related, if possible.
And, do please bring any 'show and tell' items, which I know members love to see, and don't forget the Travelling Books.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.
Kate Pike.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tuesday 5th January 2016

A Happy New Year to everyone.
The first meeting of the year was successful, as usual; those who did the beading workshops with Margaret and her friend Jackie really enjoyed what they did, and it was good to be able to complete a piece in so short a time. Many thanks to you both, and to Sarah for organising the day. We hope to have a repeat for other members of the group in next month's meeting.

Some pieces for the collaborative project based on Capability Brown and Gardens are starting to appear, and are very encouraging; we look forward to lots more very soon. This is looking very promising.

We had two visitors today who may be interested in joining the branch; it's always good to welcome new faces. We are a very friendly group, and new members seem to slot in seamlessly. We always seem to have a lot of things going on and everyone is willing to share their ideas and expertise, which makes for a lovely atmosphere.

The Travelling Books are looking good - we have some very talented people putting pieces in these, even those who admit to not having done much stitch before joining us - they are proving to be most interesting.

A group of volunteers from the Grantham area will help Christine and myself to take down the exhibition in Grantham Museum on Monday 18th January, and if anyone wants to come in to take away their own things, please let Christine know (; we start at 10.00am on that day.The exhibition has been very successful, and many thanks to Christine for organising it.

The Museum is having a 'Do Something New' day on Sunday 24th January, and we have paid for a stall for this day to 'show and tell' what we do as part of the Embroiderers' Guild. It's from 10.30 to 14.30, and several people have already volunteered to come and help for an hour or so; if you are local and able to pop in during those times to engage with the public, we would be most grateful. Bring your own stitching to demonstrate the sorts of things we do.

Today, I was reminded of the first meeting we had a year ago at the Tennis Club, after the demise of Stitchcraft; I think everyone who was a member of our EG turned up, and there was hardly room to move. It was wonderful that they all showed solidarity with our branch, but we could not have continued to support so many at any one time. We number between 25 and 30 members per meeting now, and we fit in well to the space we have.

I look forward to more of the same next month, beading and social stitching, and do bring along your CB/Stately Gardens pieces to show and tell, as well as the travelling books.
Many thanks to those who help to organise the meetings, and make EG on the first Tuesday in the month such a pleasant place to be.