Friday, 9 January 2015



The  inaugural session at Grantham Tennis Club was not without it's teething problems but after a bit of reorganisation we were all busy working on either the one stitch book or a travelling book.Kate explained that eventually we could work on both books but for now just over half of us settled for the one stitch approach.I,for one, was amazed at how many ways you can use a chain stitch.I did not have time to see what the travelling books were up to but what a lovely name for a project.I would love to see this happening on an international level!!

Below are links to two sights which offer video demonstrations of stitches and projects that Tina has recommended.

After lunch we got to see the completed banner which Kate had put together and it does look lovely.

WORK IN PROGRESS photos by Sue Cork

THE BANNER Photos by Sue Cork

COMPLETED WORK photos by Sue Cork

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