Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tuesday March 3rd 2015
Grantham Tennis Club

Coil Pots

Lorraine Appleton is  booked in to do coil pots for the March meeting.
She  will bring lots of examples and do a demo of the machine and hand technique.  

It's a recycling project so here is a short list of what people need to bring.This project works well if you have a colour scheme either different shades of the same colour or complementary colours
  • strips of thinnish silky fabrics (sari silk strips are perfect but need to be ironed) approx 1 inch wide, minimum length 12 inch
  • scrap embroidery threads in your chosen colours, perle and ordinary
  • Scrap purl (optional)
  • usual sewing kit
In addition you will need  3 supermarket carrier bags.

Sounds like an excellent example of a  recycling project.See you on the day.

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