Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Layer of Stitch Workshop
Tuesday May 5th 2015
Grantham Tennis Club
There will be two mini workshops one on Dorset Buttons and a mini Dandelion project.The Travelling books and a Stitch a month will continue after lunch.

Dorset Buttons - a variation on a theme of blanket stitch

Curtain rings, metal or plastic - 3cm diameter are easiest to work to begin with.
I have plenty to get us started, but people can bring their own.
These can also be done on smaller rings, or even Indian bangle sized rings if you want to experiment.
Embroidery threads, cotton perle and stranded cottons, any colour + variegated if available.
Thicker threads can be used.
Tapestry needle (large eye, rounded point) and Chenille needle (large eye, pointed)
Embroidery scissors and thimble if used.
Beads, et., to decorate.
Badge or brooch pins for a slightly different project.

 Dandelion Mini Workshop – Requirement List – May 2015
A very simple little workshop, you will be provided with a full instruction sheet, white perle threads and tulle.
All you need to bring is a piece of dark fabric of your choice, medium to large eyed needles suitable to the fabric (crewel, tapestry or chenille) scissors, a few pins, and a hoop if you like to work with one.

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