Monday, 8 June 2015


EGG will be exhibiting at Grantham Museum from the middle of September 2015 for 3 months, and we would like to exhibit pieces from all of the workshops we have done since we started + the travelling books; the space is quite small, next to their coffee-shop, but has several glass cabinets for 3D and precious items, and there is room in the middle of the space for a table, for display or for demonstrating. We shall need to be selective, as we have tried a lot of different things, but we should like to include something from every member.
We would need to have a small committee of members, 2 or 3 people, to help to organise this exhibition and to liaise with Christine Robbins at the museum - volunteers at the next meeting, please; we shall set it up ourselves, with the help of museum staff.
In addition to exhibiting, Christine would like to run a competition, based on their current exhibition, 'Made in Grantham'; these would be post-card sized pieces again, and entry would be £1 to cover costs. For this, you will receive an envelope containing an entry form and a label on which to write briefly about your inspiration for a piece. (You would not be limited to one entry!) Some research may be required for this, and Christine will help. Members from other Guilds are invited to enter, and also members of the public.
Visitors to the museum will be invited to vote for the best entries, or their favourites, and there will be a box for this.
We also need to think about the National Celebration of Stitch Day, which isSaturday August 1st; those who were at the Regional Day in May will perhaps remember hearing about this.
The Museum have kindly offered us space there for the day, probably in a corner of the coffee shop, to sit and stitch, and to encourage members of the public who may be interested, especially children. Again, we would need volunteers, and a rota of people to try to cover the whole day there.
We could also stitch in other venues, a shopping centre, a garden centre, or, weather permitting, a park, even if only for a short time, just to bring stitch to the notice of the public - perhaps you have ideas about this? Would we need some sort of poster/display to alert people to what we are doing?
All for discussion at the next meeting, so please come with ideas.

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