Monday, 20 July 2015

August meeting

Next month's meeting on Tuesday 4th August at the Tennis Club will be a talk from someone at John James' Needles - I'm told that theirs are the best needles to use for embroidery, so it will be interesting to learn all about them. Thanks to Sarah for organising this.

In the afternoon of last month's meeting, some members were learning how to mount and present their work, from workshops we have done during the year, and if others of you need ideas and hints on this, then please do say so.

We need 'show and tell' as always; I'm sure there will be lots of you who have completed Sue's piece from last time, and perhaps we can now begin to have an idea of what pieces each member will produce for our exhibition at Grantham Museum in September. A small committee of us are meeting at the museum tomorrow to begin deciding how this will be staged. If you have any vintage sewing artifacts that you are willing to loan, don't forget to let Christine know about them. We shall need volunteers to sit and stitch at the museum during the exhibition, and to engage with the visitors, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, when the museum is open.

On Friday 14th August, Jane Ostler will be doing a cording/braiding workshop with us - if you wish to take part, don't forget to sign up for this, if you have not done so already.

National Celebration of Stitch Day will soon be upon us - Saturday 1st August at Belton House, Grantham Museum and Woolsthorpe Manor; Sunday 2nd August at Easton Walled Garden. There is still time to volunteer for this if you wish to, or go along during the day and support the stitchers. It should be an interesting day!

Lots going on. Looking forward to seeing you all on 4th August.

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