Friday, 7 August 2015

Layers of Stitch, August meeting newsletter


A good meeting on Tuesday this week - how anyone could talk about needles for two hours is amazing! Karen is obviously so very enthusiastic about her products.

Your enthusiasm for the forthcoming exhibition at the museum was good to see, as it was also for the Capability Brown/Stately Gardens project next year.
(Laura Ashley's sale finished last Sunday, so I was unable to get any fabric yet, but there are other options.) It's a lovely idea to do a collaborative piece for this, but anyone can do an individual piece as well if you wish to. Some of you work very fast and would probably like to do your own thing as well.

 Grateful thanks to all who supported the National Celebration of Stitch Day last weekend - some were not at the meeting, so hopefully they will see this. We were so blest with the weather, and able to stitch outside at Belton House, Woolsthorpe Manor, and Easton Walled Garden. Grantham Museum drew the short straw on such a lovely day. At Belton, we monitored numbers who came to talk to us and/or stitch, and there were over 100. The day also recruited one or two possible members. (Three volunteers who helped at Belton had to go to the shop to buy sunhats, as we were in such a sunny spot ,and several at Easton were also wearing sunhats - what a lovely picture they all made - worth an embroidery!)

Don't forget Jane Ostler's cordmaking workshop on Friday next week,14th August, at the Tennis Club, 10.00am to 4.00pm - enquiries to Sarah, email:

The EGG Bunting is now complete, and ready to hang (unless anyone has a pennant they would like to put on it, which can still be accommodated). It's looking really good, and if you are coming to Jane's workshop on Friday, you can have a sneak preview! It will also be on show at the AGM in September. It's quirky, colourful, and fun, and raises a smile, so we must use it as much as possible! Thanks to Sue Cork who provided all the letters for the Bunting, and is in the process of adding the numbers for 2014 as well.And, thanks to Sarah Edwards, who provided the ribbon to hang it on.
 Apart from one or two additions, the Banner is also complete. There are still some pieces on it which are unnamed, so if you think one of them is yours, please let one of the committee know, and it can be ironed on to the back. The length of dowl on which to hang it still has to be painted, but that will be done this coming week.

Christine is working very hard behind the scenes towards our exhibition, and today has taken photos of the banner, in order to find one to use on posters and fliers. There are so many lovely ones to choose from, it's been quite difficult to choose only one, but others may be used as a border pattern as well.

Many thanks for your support. See you all at the AGM.

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