Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday 8th November 2015

Last Tuesday's meeting at the Tennis Club was buzzing - whether this was to do with our ongoing projects or just general enthusiasm, I'm not sure; thanks to Annette again for her expertise in dry-felting, to Margaret for the magic with Angelina fibres, and Sue, as always, for the travelling books and show and tell.
Despite the weather outside, we had a light and bright meeting, organising 'things' to put on the Christmas Tree in St Wulfram's Church Tree Festival at the end of the month, and making some progress with the CB/Stately Gardens project for next year. Thanks to all who have already given me tree decorations; any others, please deliver to Grantham Museum, on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of the next two weeks, or to the Tennis Club on 17th November at the 'extra' workshop, or bring them to the church when we have notification of the set-up day, - I will let you know as soon as I am told - or mail them to me at 7 Church Lane, Sedgebrook, Grantham, Lincs. NG32 2EU in a jiffy bag to protect your offerings.

I think we have decided on the shape and size of our pieces for the CB project - I'm just awaiting confirmation from Jane that we are on the right track, then I will get together with her to dye the fabric for the next meeting, as I know that some of you are keen to get on with the stitching.
 Thanks to Jane and to Marian for their contributions so far to this project.
December's meeting is down on the programme as 'Social Stitching', but also hopefully we can move forward with the CB project.

Instead of a raffle for the December meeting, or a 'Secret Santa', it was decided that each member who would like to take part should wrap a Christmas bauble - value no more than £5 - and put in a 'lucky dip', receiving a raffle ticket at the same time. Those not taking part will not receive one! Then you get to draw out a bauble with that number on - hopefully not your own! to take home.
Those not wishing to do any of these things, please bring your own stitching and enjoy the sociability.

My copy of the latest 'Stitch' magazine was removed from the table inside the door on Tuesday - I'm sure inadvertently! - and as I had only recently purchased it and had not yet had time to read it, I would appreciate it being returned at the next meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all on December 3rd, if not before then, at the Linda Rudkin workshop on 17th November, or at the Church to set up the Christmas Tree.


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