Sunday, 3 April 2016

Our next meeting is Tuesday 5th April 2016, when we are looking forward to a talk from Mary Sleigh on 'Jewels of India'; Mary is widely travelled, and this promises to be one of her little gems.

Please come prepared for more stitches in the afternoon, and Annette will give some more ideas about her stitched books.

Regional Day will soon be here, and those of you who did the 'Kickstart' workshops last Autumn are now hopefully putting together your entries for this programme, which will be shown later in the summer.
We have Raffle Tickets to sell for Regional Day. 
Vicki will need to have names (and money!) if you wish to go on the coach she is organising from the Stamford and Rutland branch, as last year.
Plus, there is another request for using embroidery frames, which Vicki asked about on the blog at the end of March. Lots to think about.

The completed pieces for the Capability Brown 'Tree' are looking magnificent, and the 'Landscapes and Gardens' exhibition in the Melton Mowbray Carnegie Museum where the tree will be displayed will be going up on Tuesday whilst we are in our meeting; I'm so grateful to all of you who embroidered triangles  for this - some managed more than one; they are all so very good, and it makes an interesting group project.
I hope, too, that some of you will consider further pieces - perhaps based on the ideas you had for your triangles? - which we can display later in the summer at Belton and later in the year at Grantham Museum.

We still have not finalised further future workshops, but hope to do so in our committee meeting later; looking ahead, we do have a speaker for the 2017 AGM, which will be confirmed shortly.

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

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