Thursday, 30 June 2016

The time is going so quickly, we're almost into another month again - and what an interesting month it has been, politics and weather, as well as all the things we have been doing!

Firstly, my grateful thanks to the two Kay(e)s who did our lovely workshops for us at the June meeting - Kaye Mundy, who brought her beautiful quilts, and showed us a clever way of doing applique; and Kay Carne, who taught us the intricacies of silk shading. Everyone seemed absorbed in what was happening, and there was a lovely, warm atmosphere, together with stitches and stitched books with Sue and Annette.

Since then, we have had another workshop day with Margaret Beattie and Annette Cooke on free machine embroidery - another lovely day, well-supported, and everyone seemed to enjoy getting to grips with this technique. Many thanks to both for a well-prepared system and a relaxed way of doing things.

We are so fortunate in the branch to have so many people who are willing to share their skills and expertise.

Next Tuesday 5th July, Sue Cork will be doing Flower Pounding with anyone who wishes to try this technique - some have already had a 'bash', and the results are very interesting. Just remember to bring some strong-coloured flowers from your garden, and you have had any other requirements in a list from Sue already on email. 

Jane Ostler will be working with us on colour; the colour wheel and its influences on how we see things and how we decide on using colour in our embroidery and art.
You will need your basic sewing kit, and possibly threads of choice, although we do have large stash of threads in the group now, and, if you have coloured pencils, these would be useful, too.
Fabric will be provided, and there will be new sketch books if you wish to buy one to use.

On the next Tuesday,12th July, we have Brenda Scarman's Casalguidi workshop, organised by Sarah.

Plans for the Belton exhibition are gathering pace, and it's all beginning to look very exciting; please remember to bring your pieces for the exhibition to the meeting - if you are having problems with mirror/glass plates, we can do that for you. Do make sure that they are adequately packaged and well named - we do not want anything falling out of its bag or box and going astray.
We also now have an entry form for Grantham Museum in September - I will send those out shortly, as Pam Keeling would like them in by August 1st, and she requires a photograph of your piece with the entry form. Don't worry if you cannot get that done before you bring in your pieces next week - we can always do it when they are displayed at Belton, as long as we know!

We still need a few more stewards for Belton, so please see Sue at some point on Tuesday if you can volunteer for another session.

Looking forward to another productive meeting next week.

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