Wednesday, 27 May 2015

'For Tuesday 2nd June EGG, Layers of Stitch:
Leonard Thompson's talk on Silk Painting will last a couple of hours, until lunchtime, and I hope that members will bring along any finished pieces of bunting to show later - we are short of 6 letters,  A, E G, O, S and T, - so those who have letters to finish, I would like to see how they are progressing, please. The pieces I have already are looking really good, and Sarah has provided some ribbon for stringing it all together.
I would also like those who put pieces in to the East Midlands Regional Day Out of Africa Competition to bring those along to 'show and tell' - 5 of us entered, which is a good number for a new branch! - I know Sarah Edwards won't be with us, but I would like members to see what else we produced.
Sue's 'Dandelion Seedhead' workshop at the last meeting was a huge success, so do bring along your finished ones, and any variations, to show and tell - this promises to be a lovely collection. Any Dorset Buttons likewise! And, any other 'show and tell', as well as the Travelling Books.
There will be a 'bring and buy', and perhaps we could have a session in the afternoon with the Stitched Books if Annette and/or Tina will be there?
We do need a raffle prize for next week, so if someone has something to do with Fabric and Thread which they are happy to part with, we would be most grateful.
Do not forget a mug for coffee/tea, as there are only a few in the kitchen

Just thought you might like to add this to your photo archive, as Kate  made a lavender heart from the motif we embroidered with Brenda Scarman, and now I've given it away! Just an idea of what can be done with our samples.
Others have been  making samples into birthday cards  etc

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