Saturday, 16 May 2015

National Celebration of Stitch Day

How often do people look at you uncomprehendingly when you talk about the Embroiderers' Guild

Do the interested public know that you have a branch in your area

Do you need more branch members

The National Celebration of Stitch is the time to start to put this right and we know that you can't do it on your own but by co-ordinating what is occurring across the country, we can start to make an impact. Public awareness is the key and this may not be achievable this year or next but eventually each year it will slowly happen. Think of other successful campaigns and how they started.

To obtain the maximum impact out of the day, consider where people meet or pass by, this is where you should try to be,  even if it is only one person sitting alone on a bench is a shopping centre or sitting at a bus stop, sewing on a button. Have a supply of the invitation cards in your bag to give out

This is a day to go out and meet the public, so do not try to be too organised. Some people find that speaking to someone sitting behind a table intimidating. It might not be possible to arrange to do anything on the Saturday due to circumstances. Please do not let the momentum go by, consider choosing another day or attaching it to another event
Last year many branches arranged some successful events, let's build on this.

Do not underestimate publicity,
People to contact:-  local free papers (they will publish photos after the event) Local radio, Local business web sites often have a “What’s on” section. They like helping Charities. Don't forget your local Mayor or MP and invite them to pop along to your event. (They want the publicity too)
Emblazon it across your web site or Blog not a few small words on the dairy page.
If where you are holding your event has a web site ask for your event to be included.
Remember to add your event on the Guild's web. You can do this by logging into you branch and filling in the section “Add an Event” under branch events.

To assist the Guild is designing a new poster upon which can be advertised you event locally
This can be downloaded from the Guild's web. Also look on the web under Branch notices for the Guild's headed paper as this has our Charity number which helps when writing to Companies for support

Whatever you are planning we need to amalgamate the events into what appears to be one day of celebration across the county. Please keep your Regional Committee informed, so that we can coordinate an overall picture of what is occurring and enable the Guild to obtain the maximum publicity

They will need
The Branch – date-  Time- Venue (Full address inc Postcode) – Activity – Contact
Please send this information to your Regional Chairman by 25th June. I will send it to as many media people as I can find on 10th July

We Will
The Regions will co-ordinate the event and send out a press release to as many local press and radio stations as possible

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