Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Notification of the Annual General Meeting

Notification of the Annual General Meeting of
Layers of Stitch Embroiderers’Guild Grantham
to be held on Tuesday 6th  September 2016 at 10.00am at Grantham Tennis Club

Minutes of AGM 01.09.2015
Chairman’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Programme Secretary’s Report
Election of Committee
Any Other Business
Date and time of next meeting.

  If you have any questions, please present them to the Secretary, Vicki Honeywood, or email them to her prior to the meeting

Chairman’s report to AGM Layers of Stitch Embroiderers’ Guild Grantham September 6th 2016

Another busy year for Layers of Stitch, and still in the light, bright environment of Grantham Tennis Club. We continue to enjoy their cafe in the main Tennis Club building, no longer run by Mencap, but still producing enjoyable lunches and cake!

After last year’s AGM, we had an excellent talk by Jeanette Jackson, who brought some of her lovely textile pieces to show us; and later in November, we enjoyed a workshop, Sculpting with Silk Paper, with Linda Rudkin, a sticky experience, but the end produce was very interesting.

At the end of November, we contributed to the St Wulfram’s (Grantham Parish Church) Christmas Tree Festival, where there was also a skating rink, which attracted a large number of people. Our tree was dressed with a variety of hand-made decorations, produced by a lot of our members, and was one of 106 trees in the church.

Instead of the usual raffle in our December meeting, Jenny suggested a ‘Bauble Swap’, which proved to be very popular, so we plan to do it again this year.

We have again just been involved in the National Celebration Day of Stitch in early August, which was very successful at Belton House, both in the Stables and in front of the Orangery, where the sun was just as hot as last year. We also tried it in St Wulfram’s Church in the town this year, but although a lovely, light environment to be in, we did not attract many stitchers.

Our exhibition, ‘Landscapes and Gardens at Belton House’, helping to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of landscape gardener Capability Brown, has been a huge success and has attracted many interested people. Having been in planning since the new year, and nearly faltered when we realised that we had to ‘build our own set’ on which to exhibit, we met the challenge and have been very pleased with the result.

In my group emails and on the blog, I have thanked the people who had so much involvement in this project, and who helped to make it all possible, and would like to thank them all again, as several have had involvement above and beyond the call of duty, and I have been amazed by the level of positive support, which brought the exhibition to fruition.

A lot of the work shown at Belton now goes to Grantham Museum, where at this time last year we were putting up our very first exhibition as a branch.
What a lot we have achieved in a year!

Added to that, despite one or two hiccups, we have had some lovely workshops during the year, mainly in-house, but extra ones as well as on normal working days, again demonstrating the levels of skill and expertise we have in our group, not to mention variety.
We have also enjoyed a talk from Suella Postles, entitled New from Old: Making Eco Garments. We enjoyed a Casalguidi workshop with Brenda Scarman, and a wonderful talk on Indian textiles from Mary Sleigh, both of whom have become annual ‘fixtures’ in our calendar, and are always very welcome.

If members have any ideas about what workshops or speakers they would like in the future, please let us know – we are always looking out for new ideas for you.

Plans for next year will hopefully include a stall at the Lincolnshire Show in June, and once we have more details, we shall use the February meeting workshops to start making small items to sell towards raising money for this venture, which should include all of the Lincolnshire branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

We are also hoping to have access to Belton’s Textile Archive, which can be found on their website, and which may be the inspiration for another exhibition in the future.

The Travelling Books continue to be an enjoyable part of our monthly ‘doings’ and some members are on the way to starting a second book because theirs is full! The books have attracted great interest at Belton, and children as well as adults have been intrigued with the variety of designs and techniques in them.

The collaborative ‘tree’ has also attracted interest, with at least one teacher thinking something similar could be done with primary school pupils. As the ‘tree’ was our starting point for the Capability Brown exhibitions, I feel that we have come a long way since we started it almost a year ago, so congratulations for another year of growing self-confidence in ability for some, and achievement for all.

Do keep telling us what you need.

Treasurers Report Layers of Stitch
September 2015 – August 31st 2016
Layers of Stitch Embroideries Guild Grantham have had a very successful and steady financial year .
Income has been steady , we have monies received from several sources regular attendance from members and visitors to our meetings .And also extra workshops which the group have available to members of the Embroideres Guild .We also receive money from our monthly raffle and sales table and donations for refreshments .
Our expenditure throughout the year is from the hire of the hall for regular meetings and extra workshops, cost of refreshments, costs from lectures and committee members costs i.e materials used in group meetings .Also the cost of our recent exhibition at Belton which is and has been very successful .
Our income to date for the year {unrestricted} is £2,784.150
And our expenditure is £2,526.00. [unrestricted] for the above year .
Our bank balance at the time of this report is £1,489.57.

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