Monday, 29 August 2016

We are now in the final week of our collaborative Embroiderers' Guild exhibition in the stables at Belton House. The six weeks seem to have gone incredibly fast, and by the number of visitors we have recorded, and their comments in the visitor's book, we have been very successful. People have been fascinated by the Travelling Books, and our 'tree', as well as the variety of work we have on show.
Once again, I want to send huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project in any way; the stewarding has been a mammoth undertaking, but we have managed to have someone there every day of the six weeks, which is a great success in itself, and to talk to people interested in our pieces, and hear their comments, has been a joy, and we are grateful to those who have taken the time to be there, sometimes several times.

It all has to come down at the end of this week, sadly, but many of the pieces will be going on to the Grantham Museum next week, opening on Thursday 8th September at 10.00 am, if you are able to be there, so there will be opportunities to see them again, along with some from other branches, until after Christmas.

Our National Day of Stitch was again a success at Belton, with those who were outside the Orangery, in the sun, attracting a lot of attention. Those of us who were in St Wulfram's Church in the town were not so well supported, but we are invited to go again on the Saturday of Heritage Open Days weekend, 10th September, when there will be quite a few visitors to the chained library in the crypt and other attractions there.
To those unfamiliar with Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days, this happens around the middle of September every year, to highlight things of historical interest around the county, and there is a good deal of information on their website, including a map of the happenings over the weekend.
So, if you are not all exhausted at the thought of more stewarding, we shall be looking for a few volunteers to sit and stitch in the church on that day - there is no parking, incidentally - and we would not ask for more than one or two hours at a time. Another opportunity to engage with the public and spread the word about the work of the Embroiderers' Guild, and if you wish, to see St Wulfram's Chained Library.

The branch AGM in on Tuesday 6th September at 10.00 am at the Tennis Club as usual - this will be very quick, as we also have Art Van Go visiting with their goodies for artists and embroiderers, to demonstrate some of their most popular items and, of course, to sell you some, so come prepared. You can see their catalogue on their website to give an idea of the items available.
In the afternoon, Sue and Annette will be continuing with their stitches/stitched books for those who wish to take part, or bring your own stitching and socialise.

As we have only four members' names for the Goldwork workshop planned for 23rd September, Kay and I have decided that this is not really viable at the present time, but we will do it as a mini-workshop in an ordinary meeting sometime in the future. I do apologise to those who did put their names on the list, but we shall make sure that you do not miss out.

The Textile Study Group have their 2017 Summer School at Stoke Rochford, south of Grantham, next July, and if anyone is keen to go to this, details will be on their website from 1st September. 

There is news about the ongoing Kickstart competition workshops for the East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers' Guild on the EMREG website, involving Leek Embroidery - do take a look to see what is involved.

Don't forget your travelling books and any items for 'show and tell', and these need not just be embroideries, but any other items you may have made in the past that might be of interest .
We look forward to seeing members on Tuesday 6th for the AGM.

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